5 Best Time Management Guides In 2020

5 best time management guides
5 best time management guides

Wondering what the top 5 best time management guides will be in 2020? Well if you have planned and see this year as a prosperous year no matter what then you need to have assessed 5 the best time management guides you will ever have in a while.

Being productive is your first ever step to being a successful human and for you to be really productive in all your endeavours then you must learn properly the act of managing your time effectively because if you ever fail to manage your time well then you may be on a journey to being less productive and being less productive is close to being a failure.

Who would like to become a failure in this life? Of course, nobody will want to be one but if you really want to be a success and up your productivity game then you really need to learn the art of time management.

You will need it in every aspect of your life to live a very organized lifestyle so that you will not end up always doing the right thing at the wrong time.

There will come a time in your life when you will have lots of engagements to attend to, your business, your business website to update, your followers on social media to update, your family to attend to and so on.

When you have this kind of numerous engagements piled waiting on you to attend to them, your only saving grace will be that you know and understand the importance of time management and you are good at managing your time effectively such that none of the engagements is left unattended to.

If you suck at time management, you don’t need to worry because I was once like you. I never knew where to start from each time I had multiple engagements to attend to.

Well, it took me lots and lots of efforts to learn the best time management techniques ever.

All I have learned on this journey so far is what I have compiled into this top 5 best time management guides.

This guide will help you greatly if you are still finding it difficult to manage your time properly and end up losing out on some of your engagements.

If you take time to read and understand this guide then you will be sure that your major problem of poor time management will be solved naturally without spending a dime.

Is that not wonderful? Well if you want to learn the 5 best time management guides then you need to keep your eyes on this screen and read to the end.

What is the First Step In Managing Your Time Effectively?

Most of my readers have always asked me the question, what is the first step in managing your time effectively?
Each time I receive this question, I am always very quick in telling them that from my experiences so far the first step to managing your time effectively is to take time in drafting a personal plan of all your events.

In the plan, you will give each task you have at hand some time while making sure that the time you allocate to each task is as precise as possible.

Not only is it feasible to allocate time to each task you must also understand that it is important that you also allocate time for your resting as well as time to make take a walk on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and also reply to pending emails.

In short, all your activities for the day should be included in your daily plans so as not to leave any one of them out.

Now that you know that the first step in managing your time effectively is making plans, now let us dive straight into the 5 best time management guides for 2020 which is the exact reason why we are here.

Top 5 Best Time Management Guides In 2020

If you want to know what the best time management guide for this year will be when you really need to keep a tab on this space because I am about to list out the exact steps I took to achieve a mastery of time management within a short time.
If you follow this guide very well, I am very sure you will also master the easiest and best ways to manage your time effectively.

Here are the 5 best time management guides;

1. Make a list of all you need to do

5 best time management guides
5 best time management guides

Personally anytime I wake up in the morning, I just pick up a pen and make my list for the day. I prefer to call this list “ My to-do list for today” before I used to make this list to last for the whole week but in the long run, I discovered that unenvisaged circumstances always interfered with the list and I end up leaving a lot of engagements unattended to so, in the long run, I discovered that making a list for just the day worked perfectly fine for me instead.

So, if you want to learn the best time management techniques then you must learn to make a to-do list on a daily basis. It is not only about making a list you must also learn and condition yourself to work with and stick with your list at all times no matter how tempting it is to deviate most times.

Making a list of things you need to do for the day will definitely usher you into the art of time management but of course, you will learn the res in this best time management guide.

2.Strive to Look Away From Distractions

Most times when I am on my desk working I always have this urge to succumb to distractions.

As a person working online and from home without any form of office rules, guidelines and no bosses, I came to understand that it is now all on me to manage my time effectively and schedule my activities the best way I can.

The best thing I learned so far on this journey is to look away from distractions, most times when I am working I often have this urge to stop for a while and take a short work to Netflix and enjoy myself even hen it is not the time for my break yet.

Something like this may be happening to you and I assure you that if you keep attending to those distractions you may end up not getting much of the things you planned done.

If you must learn the art of effective time management then you must learn to look away from distractions at all times.
Just as I mentioned earlier my own distraction was Netflix, yours could be social media, your phone or even hanging out with friends.

Whatever form the distractions comes in you must learn to look away from them and devise a means to subdue them so that you can easily finish all you have on your to-do list at their appropriate time.

3. Break is Important

If you don’t take a break you may break down. It is important that you include break periods in your to-do list, this way you will have a stipulated time to work and other times between intervals to have your break.

During breaks, you can stretch your body, much some snacks or even attend to your distractions.

The bottom line is that you need a break between intervals to enable you to stretch your body and aid proper blood circulation to all the parts of the body including the brain.

If you overwork the brain without proper break periods and rest you will find out that your functionality may reduce that is why it is important that you include break periods in your to-do list.

This is one of the top 5 best time management guides and it is very important for your health so do not neglect it for any reason.

4.If You Have Bulky Tasks To Attend To Break them Down

One of the major reasons why you may procrastinate on doing a particular task is probably because it looked to huge and complicated to complete.

To solve this issue, it is important that you break that particular task into a smaller task to help you do them with ease.

Most times when I have loads of articles to write and I find myself procrastinating and dragging my feet in writing them the only thing I need do to get it done with is break the article writing into chunks of smaller tasks like getting the topic down, writing out the outline and then creating the body of the article.

I have been doing this for a long time now and it has been really helpful.

You can equally do the same thing with any task you have to complete.

Once you see yourself procrastinating quickly divide up the task to make it easier to work on each of them.

5. Share Your Tasks Within Your Most Productive Times

Every individual has that particular time in the day when they are most productive and if you are willing to manage your time effectively then you should be able to track your most productive time and then spread all the tasks you have within those times.

I am always very productive from early in the morning to noon, during the afternoon my productivity level will begin to decrease.

So, what I do is spread all my tasks within these hours that I have noticed that I am very productive especially my most important tasks for the day.

Then I can just put up the less important tasks to be completed afternoon when I must have had my break period, by so doing I get to do the most important tasks very early in the day while the less important ones come later in the day.

If you are able to perfectly track your most productive times in the day then it will be very easy for you to get your most important tasks done very early in those times with unmatched energy and capability.

Monitoring and taking note of your most productive times in the day is one of the best time management guide you need to adopt if you are willing to learn the mastery of your time and manage it effectively.

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Wrapping up

To wrap up this article we have learned earlier that time management is of paramount importance to every individual out there.
As far as you have one or two jobs entrusted in your care either by your boss or by yourself you need adequate time management skills to take care of the job without making mistakes or delaying the finishing of the task or project.

To learn time management techniques is very important whether it is for your business or your job because you cannot afford to always be the one dragging every other person backwards when it comes to project completion and of course you can’t also afford to have your business always lagging behind because you cannot concentrate and manage your time effectively to finish up a task within the stipulated period of time.

If you cannot manage your time properly as a business owner then be assured that your business will always feel the negative impact of your inability to manage your time properly.

Even when you are working in the office and you cannot manage your time efficiently you should know that your position will always feel the negative impact and you may even lose your job in the process this is because you will have so many unfinished tasks.

Well, do you see why it is very important that you follow this top 5 best time management guides meticulously and perfect your art of time management?

Do you find this guide helpful? Do you have more questions on the 5 best time management guides? Then do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment section and I will definitely attend to it.

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